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Possible to change logical drive number?

Steve Burke_2
Occasional Contributor

Possible to change logical drive number?

I have a Proliant 6000 with a Smart Array 3100ES controller in it. I am wanting to add some drives to it and configure a second array. Looking at the properties in the Drive Array Configuration Utilities, I see that the Array already in use is labeled as Logical drive 2. When I added some drives, they are labeled as Logical drive 1. I either need to relabel the logical volume numbers, or assign which one to boot from. Can anyone offer advice on this? The system is configured with Netware 5.0, and the overall goal is to add some additional space while keeping the existing system intact.
Greg Steer
Occasional Contributor

Re: Possible to change logical drive number?

Steve, Did you ever find a resolution to this problem? I have a ML570 with a Smartarray 5300 Controller with the exact same problem.