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ProCurve 1800 24G Switch

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ProCurve 1800 24G Switch


I want to implement an iSCSI network with an MSA2000i G2. There will be two servers running Windows 2008 Hyper V. Each server is scaled to have up to 12 virtual servers, mostly web servers. The goal is to expand in number of servers if required.

The question: What switch model should I use? I currently have ProCurve 1800 24G Switches which also are used for the network traffic (VLANs). Can they handle iSCSI and network traffic in a common hosting environment? Or do you suggest seperate switches? What is then important in the selection of this switch?
It will be used for a hosting infrastructure, meaning that the price is very important. ;-)

Suggestions are welcome; nothing is ordered yet.

Thanks for your help!
Niels Vejrup Pedersen
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Re: ProCurve 1800 24G Switch


General recommendations on switches for iSCSI are:

Must be Gigabit
Must support FlowControl
Must support Jumbo Frames
Must have a DEDICATED port buffer (384k)

When thats said, it'll tell you that we are in the more expensive class of switches 2910 onwards..

It all depends on load - i've done several installations using 1800 class and different switches with no problems.