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Problem with Host Ports on MSA 2000 G3 Controllers

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Problem with Host Ports on MSA 2000 G3 Controllers

Hi there,


I have an issue with the an MSA 2000 G3 which has eight 1gb ethernet ISCSI ports, whereby I am getting connectivity on ports A1 and nothing on A2, A3 & A4 on controller A.  On controller B, I am getting connectivity through B2, B3 & B4 and nothing on B1.


All host ports have been configured with individual IP address and I can see no obvious errors.  Please can anyone provide assistance.  Cables have been checked and the ILO interface for managing the array shows all connections as healthy with a green tick.


All luns have been mapped to use all port from A1 to A4 and also B1 to B4.  Luns have been presented to HP DL380 server and mapped, but I would like to make we have multipathing for redundancy and resiliency if one of the controllers should fail.


Thank you