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Problem with MSCS (W2k) + LC 2000 + NetRAID 4M + RS/12

Vitor Oliveira_1
Occasional Visitor

Problem with MSCS (W2k) + LC 2000 + NetRAID 4M + RS/12


I've been trying to install a MSCS cluster on my own for some time (that is without the cluster support pack), but with no success so far.
FAST 2.4 - 0 [#4576]
NetRAId 4M 2.4 - 0 [#4584]
(and RAID Cluster Assistant that doesn't install)

The problem is that when the cluster service tries to start on the first node the cluster log reports (even if I manually attach the quorum drive):

C:\WINNT\cluster>CLUSSVC /debug
[ClRtl] Load WMI for ClusSvc. Status 126.
[DM] DmInitialize: The hive was loaded- rollback, unload and reload again
[JOIN] Spawning thread to connect to sponsor
[JOIN] Asking to sponsor us.
[JOIN] JoinVersion data for sponsor is invalid, status 1722.
[JOIN] Unable to connect to any sponsor node.
[INIT] Failed to join cluster, status 53
[FM] arbitrate for quorum resource id f7ddff91-1782-415e-bc25-338563f9def6.
[FM] FmGetQuorumResource failed, error 2.
[INIT] ClusterForm: Could not get quorum resource. No fixup attempted. Status = 5086
[INIT] Failed to form cluster, status 5086.
[CS] ClusterInitialize failed 5086
[INIT] The cluster service is shutting down.
[FM] Shutdown: Failover Manager requested to shutdown groups.
[MM] MMLeave is called when rgp=NULL.

I think the problem relates with locking the quorum resource. The NetRAID 4m are configured for clustering, without write cache, and I can only see the shared drives after manually attacing the disksets with FAST.

After updating all the firmware and drivers to the latest versions I could find, the problem still remains.

I found a new Cluster Install pack in HP's site, but it only install if I have MSCS running, wich is exactly my problem...

Maybe the problem is that a need some drivers that are available only in the Cluster support pack? Can't I install it on my own? Does anyone have some guidelines or pointers for this installation?

Hope that someone can help me, because I'm running out of time... and my neck is on the line...

Thanks in advance,
Enes Dizdarevic
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem with MSCS (W2k) + LC 2000 + NetRAID 4M + RS/12

NetRAID 4M requires special procedure for installing MSCS. You did not manage to install RAID Cluster Assistent because it requires MSCS to be already installed and you cannot install MSCS because you do not see shared disks. Solution is to install MSCS without chared disks using local disk for quorum. This can be done using command: C:\winnt\cluster\cluscfg -localquorum. After you have installed MSCS with local quorum you can prepare your shared disks using fast, install RAID cluster assistent create disk resource and move quorum to shared disk...
P.S. If cluscfg program is not in c:\winnt\cluster you can start MSCS installation procedure thru add/remove programs in control panel then cancel installation wizard after first screen. This will install cluscfg program.

Re: Problem with MSCS (W2k) + LC 2000 + NetRAID 4M + RS/12


how did you configure your RS12? How many RAID? Logical Disks?
Any LAN Adapter Giga?

Wesley Keller
Occasional Visitor

Re: Problem with MSCS (W2k) + LC 2000 + NetRAID 4M + RS/12

I've gotten past that same part on several attempts. However, I have been having multiple issues where I reboot and if the containers are not in the cluster control, they become detatched and error out through FAST left and right. I end up with an invalid container detected on the container screen. At this point, MSCS cannot mount any of the just-defined drives into the cluster controll.


FAST 2.4.1
NetRaid-4M ver
--- And there it is