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Problem with SAN

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Sreekanth Kanugovi
Occasional Visitor

Problem with SAN

We have connected Windows NT (Netserver) to XP256. Recently, On one of the servers disks disappeared for about 25 minutes and came back online there after. XP256 port to which this server connected is configured as "point to point" and we are using hostmode "08". Brocade Switch hasn't reported any errors. Only this port is configured as point to point while rest of them are FC-AL. Is this the problem with Point to point Connexion. I am novice XP256 user. So I request as much info as you can share. Also, Can anybody suggest some useful web addresses that relate to XP256 and its family?
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Eric de Lange_2
Respected Contributor

Re: Problem with SAN

Hi Sreekanth,

- Check the NT systems eventlogs to see if any events have been logged for the FC HBA driver like timeout's or such. Also make sure you are using the latest drive for your FC HBA (is it the Agilent one ?)

- Have the XP256 checked remotely by HP support to see if there might have been an event in the XP itself that would have caused the disk to stop responding.

- If this is a Brocade Switch purchased through HP you might want to ensure that it is equipped with firmware 2.4.1

I do not know what the P2P settings mplications are to your config, I've never worked with an XP but if this is an incident, it might have well been hardware related ?

Hope this helps,


Sreekanth Kanugovi
Occasional Visitor

Re: Problem with SAN

Thanks Cal...
We have agilent cards on the hosts. Do you have the latest version numberof the drivers? We are using V2.1.9f on Brocades. Only this perticular port which is configured as P2P is giving problems. As you said, the issue could be drivers. Before Asking downtime for this server, I want to know what else could have caused the problem. Any more useful info is highly appreciated.
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Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem with SAN

A few things to look at here...

2.1.9f is not recommended - upgrade the Brocades to 2.4.1 ASAP.

Secondly, make sure that the XP port is not only in point-to-point mode, but also Fabric Login. The brocade port should be auto-negotiated as an N-port.

Be sure that the HBA in the NT server has the latest and greatest drivers, and that it's in Fabric Login mode as well. (See the README files for directions on setting this)

Lastly, make sure your XP256 firmware is up-to-date.

Good luck
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Mark van Silfhout
Trusted Contributor

Re: Problem with SAN


If you're using the HP D8602A/B (most likely since you use mode 08 on the XP) you need this driver version to solve the disk from disappearing intermittently: 3.0.3245.1.

This is how the CHIP behaves:
Fabric Connection Topology
OFF Point-to-Point Direct one-to-one cable
(N_Port to N_Port)
OFF FC-AL Arbitrated Private Loop
(NL_Port to Hub or direct one-to-one cable)
ON Point-to-Point Switched Fabric
(N_Port to F_Port [G_Port] on a switch
ON FC-AL Switched Public Loop or EPL
(NL_Port to FL_Port on a switch

So most likely your XP is running Fabric, where the NT is running FC_AL. You run the D8602B card in fabric, read the readme file which is in the driver package how to do this.