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Problem with SC10 Disks & 2 N4000 Servers...

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Lee Harris_5
Valued Contributor

Problem with SC10 Disks & 2 N4000 Servers...


I'm having a stange problem, and i'm not sure if it's something hardware related, or something to do with the way i've configured things. I have two test servers, both of which are N4000-44's. Both servers have a single connection via their core I/O SCSI connector to an SC10. The SC10 has eight disks in it, and I intended to allocate four for use on one server and the other four for the other server. However i started having problems from this point. I setup two of the disks as vg01 on one box, made an lvol, created a filesystem no problem. Went to the other box to pvcreate some of the other disks in the SC10, and it just hung. syslogs on both boxes started chucking out lbolts and scsi resets all over the place, and this affected the first servers ability to see or query its disks which were already setup.

I went through a process of elimination expecting to find a dodgy disk or controller somewhere. I shutdown both servers and powered off the SC10. Disconnected everything. I reconnected the SC10 to the first server, pulled out all but one disk and powered on the enclosure, then booted the server. Ran ioscan, saw the disk in the SC10 claimed and got a successful diskinfo from it. I then seated each disk one by one, each time running another ioscan and querying the disk with diskinfo...no problems. I repeated the same procedure for the other server and again all was well. So it seems that the problems start once the two servers try and access the SC10 at the same time. I'm a bit stumped here, does anyone have any ideas?

Many Thanks
Chan 007
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem with SC10 Disks & 2 N4000 Servers...

Hi Lee,

I believe that SC10 are not capable of connecting 2 different systems.

See the link below


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Re: Problem with SC10 Disks & 2 N4000 Servers...

of course you can connect the sc10 to 2 servers.

But the configuration depends on the config of the sc10. Is it full bus or split bus mode?

In split bus mode every server can see up to 5 disks (slot 0,2,4,6,8 or 1,3,5,7,9).

In full bus mode every server can see all the disks. But now there are two SCSI HBAs on the bus. The default SCSI ID is 7. So you have to re-configure one of the servers from ID 7 to ID 6.

Go to the SERVICE menu in BCH an issue:

Service Menu: Enter command > scsi init 0/0/1/0 6

Hope this helps!

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Andrew Rutter
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Re: Problem with SC10 Disks & 2 N4000 Servers...

hi lee,

torzten is correct.

you will need to set the sc10 to split bus mode by the dip switch settings on the sc10 bus controller card. Also as Jbod mode not array.

Also if you are set to low scsi ids for the sc10, make sure that you dont have the controller that has the changed Id to 6 connected to the side that has the disk at id6 as you will get another class of scsi id's.

Lee Harris_5
Valued Contributor

Re: Problem with SC10 Disks & 2 N4000 Servers...

Thanks Torsten,

I have now resolved the problem, by setting the SCSI controller ID of one of the servers to be 6 instead of 7 in the BCH. Since doing that the disks are working without any problems.

Unfortunately, the box I changed keeps dying with kernel panics and HP are coming out today to replace the system board, so I'll just have to remember to change the SCSI ID again. Oh well. Thanks for the replies.

Regards - Lee