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Problems - Only 2 arrays on P410i

Occasional Contributor

Problems - Only 2 arrays on P410i

Hi all,

We have a DL380 G6 with a P410i array controller. We have 6x 72GB SAS drives that are connected to this controller and we want the configuration to be 3x 72GB RAID 1 mirrored arrays.
Both in the BIOS RAID config and the ACU (In Smartstart and within Windows), it seems we can only configure 2 arrays. When we've created the 2nd array, the option to 'Create Array' seems to disappear from the remaining 2 unassigned drives. Within the BIOS array configuration tool, we get a message saying we've reached the maximum arrays configurable by the tool and to use the ACU if we need any more.

Anyone got any idea what's going on here?

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Re: Problems - Only 2 arrays on P410i

Hi and Welcome!

How much cache do you have installed?

According to the Quickspec, you only get 2 Logical drives with zero cache memory installed. See the Quickspecs link and upgrade the controller options and license to get the maximum supported configurations:

Logical Drives Supported Zero Memory, Up to 2 logical volumes
256MB cache and greater, Up to 64 logical volumes



Make sure you have the latest firmware and drivers installed: