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Problems converting RAID0 -> RAID5 on RS/12FC

Occasional Advisor

Problems converting RAID0 -> RAID5 on RS/12FC


I have an HP Netserver RS/12FC set up in dual active/direct connect cluster mode. FCArray has 2 logical drives defined in 2 virtual arrays: A0 - RAID0+1 (8x18.2GB) and A1 - RAID0 (3x18.2GB), plus one HotSpare drive. A0 has drives with target(SCSI)IDs [0-3, 9] on channel 0 and [10, 11, 15] on channel 1. A1 array has drives with target IDs [12-14] on channel 1. The HotSpare has target ID [8] on channel 0.

The problem: I need to convert A1 from RAID0 to RAID5 w/o affecting A0 (i.e. data on A0 must remain intact), but I can't find any information about how it may be done.

If you happen to know the steps necessary to perform what I want or where to find the information, please let me know.

Any help much appreciated.