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Problems with Raid1

Deanna Hames
Occasional Visitor

Problems with Raid1

I am totally new to the whole raid concept, at work I have a mail server that keeps shutting down. I thought it was heat related/hardware but after changing out a few things it didn't seem to help. In the event log there seems to be a cycle going on and I am hoping someone knows what it means. This is what I get.

Enclosure device found
verify w/autofix started on array "diskarray0"
verify completed on array, no miscompares
CI/O Management Software is started
SCSI: Initializing
SCSI: Initialization complete
SCSI: First Database complete
Unsafe shutdown detected on array "diskarray0"

ever so often there will be these lines in there too:

test all spares started
no spares available to test

by the way this is windows 2000 pro,
2 SCSI Quantum 19G
Any help will be greatly appreciated!3:-0