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Proliant 2500 not booting on Windows NT4 after a hdd was removed

Occasional Contributor

Proliant 2500 not booting on Windows NT4 after a hdd was removed

Hello there.
I'm using a Proliant 2500 server with a raid 5 backup system.
The raid 5 backup system consists in an array of 5 SCSI hard drive (each model is a 4.3 GB wide-ultra SCSI DRV/TRY).
I had to remove one of the five hdd (#3)and since then the server will not boot up.
Now I'm stuck on a DOS-interface program (probably the COMPAQ BIOS) with the following message:
" Slot 6 compaq SMART-2/P array controller (version 1.62) 1 logical drive.
1787- Slot 6 drive array operating in Interim recovery mode
The following SCSI drive(s) shall be replaced:
SCSI port 1: SCSI ID2.

SCSI device detected: system board, SCSI ID 4: ARCHIVE 4326XX-2781XXX

Press F1 to continue
F10 for system partition utilities"

If I launch the system partition utilities (F10) an error messsage appears in french "error 1736-83 failure of a physical unit........
Please correct the error and relaunch the diagnostic so that the test of this unit take place"
When the diagnostic is launched, the server logfile indicates an error of diagnostic test
and the Compaq diagnostic test found something working not correctly.

Finally there's no possibility for me to launch Windows and I'm stuck at the stage of the system partition utilities.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Henri Texier
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant 2500 not booting on Windows NT4 after a hdd was removed


I am guessing you have not replaced the disk that you removed? You may or may not have a hot spare configured on the array but, "you should be able to hit F1 and boot the box".

Go ahead and hit F1 to continue.

You need to get the drive repaced as soon as possible as you are running in a degraded mode. If you happen to loose another drive, you will be out of luck and doing a full system restore.

If it does not boot to the O/S, you may have had some logical volume corruption... in that case, get the drive replaced and do a restore.

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