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Proliant 310 - remirror existing ide drive

Stacy Shannon_1
Occasional Contributor

Proliant 310 - remirror existing ide drive

Unit has two 40gb IDE/ATA drives, HP hardware ATA raid. I needed to convert the unit from netware to win2003. I needed a quick fallback position in case of a failed install, so I uncabled the second drive during the upgrade. Server is now running Win2003. The server still believes there is a failed mirror. I would like to reestablish the mirror. The documentation is a little sketchy...if I reconnect the drive after a reboot, do I have the option of ensuring the new Win2003 drive is mirrored (and *not* the Netware) since the drive serial numbers haven't changed? Would I need to reformat the old OS drive to wipe any metadata that may be there?

Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant 310 - remirror existing ide drive

To be safe, wipe the old disk, but the controller know which drive has failed and should rebuild the drive, overwriting the old mirror data.
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