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Proliant ML570 hangs during Smartstart

Stelzl Marcus
Occasional Advisor

Proliant ML570 hangs during Smartstart


I tried to install a brand new HP Proliant ML570 G2 with Smartstart (6.00, 6.20, 6.40, 7.00 yes i tried all of these).

The configuration is:
ML570 G2 dual prozessor 2.5GHz 1MB,
Smartarray 5302/128 Array Controller,
7x72GB Harddrive.

Hardware seems to be OK, POST is OK,
no error messages during boot.

Whe Smartstart is loaded to configure the system, the system boots the linux (showing the dots, showing "Loading drivers...done"
and then switches to a white screen with the HP logo on the left side. Then the smartstart version is display in the right of the logo and then
the system does nothing !! no menu to configure...
It ist possible to move the mouse and power of the system to reboot. (or kill the linux graphical screen with --)

I tried to take out the smart array controller,
take out some memory, change the CD-ROM drive to a DVD drive, erase the NVRAM of the bios, try all smartstart versions i can get (see above)

but nothing works.

When i searched the HP forum for something similar i found a few message with the same problem, but no working hint.

Has anyone come across this ?

Thanks Marcus
Dale Marino
Occasional Contributor

Re: Proliant ML570 hangs during Smartstart

I have 6 ML530s and when they first came in some didnt work. I did discover that the array controlers need to be in a specific location on the motherboard. Some slots have different speeds related to them. Did you confirm that the hardware is plugged into the correct slot? Also, you may want to check how the memory is positioned, depending on the amount of memory, sometimes there is a pattern to follow as you add memory, you can find this info on one of the side or top panels...good luck,

Stelzl Marcus
Occasional Advisor

Re: Proliant ML570 hangs during Smartstart

Hello Dale,

thank You for your answer.

The problem was solved by !NOT! connecting the monitor behind a compaq KVM-switchbox.

A HP-technican told me that there may by a problem with the plug-and-play recognition of the monitor in some cases. But this problem should not occure if i use a HP-branded monitor behind a HP-branded switchbox.

Best regards,

Marcus Stelzl