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Proliant RAID 5 Transfer Rate <10MB/sec??

Mark Carlson_1
Occasional Visitor

Proliant RAID 5 Transfer Rate <10MB/sec??

I have a Proliant ML370 with a 6 RAID5 array running Win2k server with SCSI3 drives and the 532 controller.

When monitoring (perfmon disk bytes/sec and transfer rate)large data transfers from multiple sources, I cannot sustain a transfer rate over 10 MB/sec. Often it is closer to 6.

I have tested this on multiple ML370s, 1600s, 800s and DL360. The BEST Ive seen is with the DL360 with RAID1 sustaining about 12MB/sec or with a ML370 with RAID 10 that MAYBE can compete.

What gives?? Shouldnt I realistically be getting over four times this transfer rate?