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Proliant U1 array

Mark Fear_1
Occasional Contributor

Proliant U1 array

I have bought a second hand U1 storage array on eBay, but I can't find any info for it on the Compaq website.

I have a number of questions about it, and would be really grateful if someone could answer them:

1. Will it work with a Smart Array 3200 controller?
2. What is the maximum size of disk I can put in it?
3. What sort of SCSI cable do I need to connect it to the SA3200 card?

Thanks in advance!

Stephen Kebbell
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant U1 array

Hi Mark,

1. Yes it will work with the SA3200
2. Some specs say up to 18.2GB (WideUltra SCSI-3), but I think you can get 36.4GB, too. They must be in the older beige 1" WideUltra housing (not the newer Ultra2/3 Universal carrier)
3. The SA3200 has 2 VHDCI Connectors, and the Storage System U1 should have a 68-pin Wide connector. So there's your cable.

I can't find any QuickSpecs on the U1 model, but here's a link for the U2 / UE models.
The U1 can only take 7 drives on a single SCSI bus (main difference to the U2)