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Proliant with p400 drive failure. Will not rebuild.

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Proliant with p400 drive failure. Will not rebuild.

I am having trouble wiht a proliant server with a p400 smart array controller. The firmware has been updated. There are 12 drives total with 3 logical drives in RAID 1+0. (4 drives each). The first logical drive uses the top row of disks. The first drive has failed and it is running in a degraded state. Replacing this with a hard disk results in the start of the rebuild but fails within 5 minutes. I have tried 3 different drives. Hot swapping and shutting down. Going into the ROM settings show that the drive is actually "Missing".


I've used compressed air to clear it. I've even replaced the entire backplane. Still same problem. Ideas anyone?

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Re: Proliant with p400 drive failure. Will not rebuild.

We had similar problems with some 2.5" drives (146GB when I remember right) and it really was a disk problem. I think there was a batch of bad disks around for some time.

Just for a test... can you install a larger drive? 300GB instead of 146GB for example?


I also noticed that some 3rd party brokers sometimes sell foreign drives in HP frames. If they are a few blocks too small you get exactly the effect you desribed.


You wrote the disks begin rebuilding. What do you see during the rebuild in ACU?


Have you also changed the cables? Each disk has it's own signal line on those SAS/SATA cables (4 lines per cable), maybe the problem lies there?

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