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Proliant1600 Server lost a drive on a array

Matt Bond
Occasional Contributor

Proliant1600 Server lost a drive on a array


I have a Proliant 1600 with 2 arrays running on it. One is a 2SL with 1 RAID 5 array with a spare on it, and the other is a 3200 with a RAID5 array on it's external connection and another on it's internal.

All has run well for over 3 years until last week. Suddenly it said that the drive that Windows 2000 Server thinks the external array on the 3200 is, was missing. When you scan the array using the smart tools cd they are all there etc, but when you try and run the configuation utility under windows it will not run. The Compaq Array diagnistics will run, and reports back as all ok

Also, whilst all the other drives are running correctly, the one that is the external array windows 200 server says is missing.

Have tried the obvious, connections, re-installing drivers etc, with no sucess. Any ideas or pointers as this one is baffling me and the actual server is several hundred miles from me! (Typical!)

Many thanks

Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant1600 Server lost a drive on a array

Lets review.
You have 3 logical drives.
1) 1 internal RAID5 on 2SL
2) 1 Internal RAID5 on 3200
3) 1 External RAID5 off the same 3200

Now the logical drive on 3) is gone.

Have you tried the BIOS setup for 3200 Controller? See if the RAID's logical drive is still set up with the drive group or is that lost? All Online?
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Matt Bond
Occasional Contributor

Re: Proliant1600 Server lost a drive on a array

Thanks for your reply.

I will have to run the bios setup when I go up to where the server is.

It just seems strange that Win 2k will not even allow me to run the array configuration utility. Wont even run.

At boot up all drives are detected and are reported as ok.

Thanks again.