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Promise RM8000 ATA RAID Anybody?


Promise RM8000 ATA RAID Anybody?

I have a need for a pretty large disk storage volume, it doesn't need *HIGH* reliability or super performance, just a LOT of space.

Due to cost considerations I am considering using a Promise RM8000 external hardware RAID array that has an Ultra 160 SCSI interface, but has a hardware raid controller with 8 internal IDE ATA disks.

Does anyone have any experience with these on HP 9000 series boxes? I have an rp5400 L1000 that I want to attach this to?
Leif Halvarsson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Promise RM8000 ATA RAID Anybody?

Not exact this one but a similar called "Zero-D".
I have used this Raid system on HP-UX and Solaris servers and it works very well.