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Pulling disks on h12

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Kevin Dillon
Occasional Advisor

Pulling disks on h12

We have a single controller h12 with the following disks:
x10 9.1Gb
x2 36Gb

I have been asked what will be the consequences of pulling one of the 36's?

My feeling is that the system will remain up but with seriously impacted performnce (especially as active hot spare is not enabled!).

What would you advise?
A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Pulling disks on h12

I assume that h12 is really 12H. You can pull the drive and no data will be lost. However, with Active Hot Spare disabled there is no guarantee that a rebuild is possible. If a second drive then fails or is removed, all data on the AutoRAID is toast. I wouldn't remove the drive.
If it ain't broke, I can fix that.
Honored Contributor

Re: Pulling disks on h12

A Clay is right,
recall the autoraid is always going to protect you against a single disk failure... no matter what mix of capacities you have... that's what you've paid for.. although in your case, certainly the rebuild is not guarenteed, unless the autoraid can find space elsewhere. You will be at single point of failure if the rebuild fails after pulling the disk, If active spare is on, you can pull the disk and the rebuild will succeed.. that's what active spare guarentees, no matter what disk fails, however, if active hot spare is not on the rebuild will more than likely fail leaving you in SPoF.

I'd go for it, but make a backup before!!!

It works for me (tm)
Kevin Dillon
Occasional Advisor

Re: Pulling disks on h12

Many thanks for your input to my question. It was great to get replies from two such distinguished storage experts.

I withheld the fact that the system in question was a production server.

I thought the data should remain available but, as I am on a customer site, I wouldn't have liked to get it wrong!!

I think I'll leave it where it is for now!

Thanks again,