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Purging of AutoRAID logs and others

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Purging of AutoRAID logs and others


My /var file system is running out of diskspace.

Before trying anything else, i would like to purge all old logfiles. I regularly use SAM->Routine Tasks to cleanup old log files.

I have observed that /var/opt/hparray/log contains lots of logfiles which i think is generated by my AutoRAID.

My Questions:
1. Can i just deleted these files manually?
At this date, i have 754 files for Year 2000 and 361 for 2001. (/var/opt/hparray/log>ll |grep 2001|wc -l)

2. Was it not the task of the AutoRAID OS "agents" to do the purging tasks themselves?

3. ** Concerns shutdown of the AutoRAID.
I was previously informed that i could shutdown my server then use the AutoRAID front pannel power switch to manually shutdown the array. Am i doing it the right way?

In a recent post, Bill listed out the steps as follows:
1> umount /*12h_filesystems
2> vgchange -a n
2> arraymgr -s shut
3> shutdown -h now
** This is NOT what i'm currently doing!!
(Should i add them to my shutdown scripts?)

thanks for a reply

kind regards
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Michael Tully
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Re: Purging of AutoRAID logs and others


Have a look at this link, it should help.
Once logs have been there for a month it
is quite safe to delete them.


Anyone for a Mutiny ?