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QLA2312 connection options VA7400...

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QLA2312 connection options VA7400...

I have a QLA2312 card taht I am configuring with SanSurfer. The card cannot see a VA7400....

I have the latest BIOS 1.43, and the latest drivers from qlogics site. When doing an armdiscover in win2k3 with commandview 1.08 it finds nothing.

I am wondering what settings/configuration options I should set up in SanSurfer to make this QLA2312 see the va7400 properly.

Peter Mattei
Honored Contributor

Re: QLA2312 connection options VA7400...

Well the QLA2312 is not on the list of tested HBAs for the VA7400.
As far as I know the 2312 is the mezzanine card of the HP blade servers.
But anyway. Even if the card has not been tested it should work.

Please tell more about your configuration like:
- Server type
- OS (I assume W2K3)
- Direct or SAN attached (switch types)

I love storage
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Re: QLA2312 connection options VA7400...

Server type: HP ML370's
OS: win2k3
Switch type: one HP Brocade 3800 switch... Port configuration can be whatever is needed to work...