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Question about Raid array

Matthew Thacker
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Question about Raid array

I just started at a new job and they have an HP proliant ML350 G4 as the main server with a 3 drive Raid 5 array with 2 logical drives setup currently. The issue is that one of the logical drives is running out of room and I need to decide how to remedy the issue. I was thinking that since we are only using 3 of the 6 drive bay slots that I could add 3 more larger drives and create a new array to hold the data that is used on a regular basis and added to daily that is causing the original array to fill up so quickly. What I'm not sure about is the fact that the current array drives are in the 3-4-5(bottom) slots in the bay. Would adding 3 drives on the top cause any issues with the server booting from the bottom array? I'm not really sure, haven't had to mess with Raid arrays before so I want to be careful with what I do. What's the best option for me in this situation? Any help is greatly appreciated
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Re: Question about Raid array

hi Matthew

just add the HDDs no issue at all

and after procedure will be expand and extend.

follow my attached file it is standard for smart array controllers
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