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Question about removing license for BC.


Question about removing license for BC.

My customer is running CommandView EVA 4.1.2.
They have a license for BC but they have installed the temporary license and the regular license.

So they have a couple of questions.

1. Which licence is it now running by ?
2. Can they remove the temporary lisense ?

I would appreciate it if I could get any assitance.


Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: Question about removing license for BC.

BC should work just fine even with the temp license in place. CV is usually smart enough to know that there is also a perm license and not complain.

To view/edit licenses, open up Command View. On the home page there should be an options button. in the options, you should find a link to view/edit license. (Hope I remembered that correctly.)

Steven Clementi
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