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Questions abot VA7410


Questions abot VA7410

I've just purchased a A7410, I tryng to configure it, but I've some questions that I didn't find in the manual. I see there are two redoundancy group, one with 360gb and other with 320gb. My question is:
- can I have only one red. group?
- If I add another enclosure with 1 tb, new free space will be added to the two redoundancy group?
My goal by now is to have 2 luns, one with 200gb for linux and another with the remaining space, but with this 2 redoundancy group thi isn't impossible.
Luk Vandenbussche
Honored Contributor

Re: Questions abot VA7410

A VA7410 and a VA7400 has always to redundancy groups

Disk 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15 : RG1
Disk 2,4,6,8,10,12,14 : RG2

The free space with an extra DS2405 will be divided in the two redundancy group with the same rule as above

For the manual see

Bernhard Mueller
Honored Contributor

Re: Questions abot VA7410


Luk has given you the info how the 2 RGs are setup. Theoretically you could pull just enough disks from RG1 slots and put them in RG2 slots. Then re-format the array.

However, this is not recommended and I have never seen such a config either.

The alternative is to have two LUNs for the remaining space over the 200GB Linux LUN, one in each RG. What is your problem with that?


Re: Questions abot VA7410

basically, my problem is that I have to set up a cluster with win2003 and I cannot use dinamic disks, so I can't stripe a volume trough two luns. Now I have to create 3 luns, two in R2 and one in R1 so I will have two volumes on cluster, this isn't a big problem, but I have preferred to have only one. Thanks in advance...