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Questions on Expanding an EVA 5000 Diskgroup

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Questions on Expanding an EVA 5000 Diskgroup

We've an EVA5000 consisting of 2 cabinets. One cabinet is fully populated with FC Disks - 2C12D - 2 Diskgroups. The other is 0C4D - all FATA 500GB with just one Diskgroup. We plan to fully populate the expansion cabinet to make it 0C6D by adding an extra 3 shelves with 24 disks each.

1.) Will simply adding these disks into the existing Diskgroup be advisable?
2.) Will it cause a massive leveling of sorts?
3.) If we simply add it to the existing DG, will the current internal layouts be affected, i.e. hopefully for the better -- so all defined VDISKS will all be higher performing as they are not now.

Our initial plan is to blow away the existing Diskgroup and create a new one encompassing all 6 shelves of FATA disks. Then we'll pre-carve all the VDISKS so all VDISKS wil be nicely laid out and we'll never be collapsing VDISKS when no longer in use... we'll simply be de-presenting them and assign then to a FREE folder to indicate it's free and allocatable.

Any recommendations?

We simply use this FATA Diskgroup as a mirrorset (VxVM Flashsnap/FMR) and are only used twice a day generally and pushed to tape on weekends.

Hakuna Matata.
Peter Mattei
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Re: Questions on Expanding an EVA 5000 Diskgroup

See my post in the other category:

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