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RA 3000 set-up using Dual Controller

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

RA 3000 set-up using Dual Controller

I Can' find a forum for this specific product so I'll throw it out here

I have Compaq Proliant ML 370 I 2, AR 3000 , AR 3000 Array Controller (2X GU Host Ports, 2x GU SCSI Port) , 2x32MB Cache, PIC Wide-Ultra SCSI Host Adapter for Compaq for NT x 2, SCSI Host Cable 2.0M(69HD-M - VHDCI-F) x2, Software Kit for NT-Intel x 1 , 18.2GB Ultra Wide 7200RPM x 5
These All Products are Compaq. OS is MS Windows 2000

I??ve been trying to set up RA 3000 dual controller for Automatic fail-over mode
Each Controller version is D11V, Each Cache Size is 32MB (2x 16MB SiMM). RA 3000??s Disk Volume is just one (RAID 5) and RA 3000 is connected to ML 370 by RA 3000??s H0 port.

RA 3000 is configured for active/active mode. While copying files from Server(ML 370) to RA 3000, I removed the first controller to confirm whether second controller support fail-over or not. But first controller dose not support fail-over, I can see windows 2000 error massage which device was removed , can??t copy anymore.

I am wondering if this test is correct to confirm the RA 3000 fail- over mode. If this is not correct test , how do I confirm the RA 3000 fail - over ?
And although fail-over is succeeded, Auto fail-back mode dosn??t work , How do I fail back RA 3000?

I??ve been looking up the latest firmware version D11X or D11V . D11X is released version? If it is, how do I get this version patch?