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RA 4100 CD and help needed

Bjoern Andreas
Occasional Contributor

RA 4100 CD and help needed

I have an RAID Array 4100 attached to with an RJ45 cable on my server, because the server I will use in future (with an fibre channel interface) is used now with other applications.

I have now found the Array Configuration Utility XE on the HP-web-site. I wanted to install it, but the setup said: "The software does not need to be installed on this system. Press 'Close' to exit Setup." But the software has to be installed on the system, because I need to configure my RA 4100.

I don't have any support CDs or a StartSmart CD, because a colleague of me thrown them away :(

Can I configure that RA4100 without software?

What do I need to do or install, to install this software?

A support team member of HP told me that you aren't able to send me a copy of the CDs.

Can somebody send me a copy of the CDs or files via E-Mail or can i download them?

thanks a lot

björn andreas hÃ
John Marinov
Frequent Advisor

Re: RA 4100 CD and help needed

RA4100 disk enclosures are fibre attached. That means you don't have a working system now.

Look on the HP site. You want to get the Array Configuration Utility. You also want to get all the rompaqs for RA4100 and RA4100 disks.

But none of it will work until you connect that system back to a FCAL HBA.