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RA4x00 and UE question

Occasional Contributor

RA4x00 and UE question

I am attempting to get a few old arrays working. I am using a DL320 server with a Mylex 2000 controller attached to a UE storage cabinet.

I also have a Compaq (Tachyon based) fibre channel card (32 bit I think) attached to a RA4x00 fibre channel cabinet.

When I try using a compaq 9.1 gig FWS2 drives they both seem to work. I have Quantum 72gb Atlas IV 10k drives that do not show up on the fibre channel and show up as 0gb in size on the Mylex.

I am assuming the cabinets do not recognize the Quantum drives and therefore wont use them or report them incorrectly.

Is it possible to use these drives in these cabinets?

All the literature I have read says they support Ultra-3 wide drives which these are. Are the drive sleds a consideration to?

any help is appreciated,
Bill Lewis
Compaq psuedo-newbie.
email: wlewis@mxlogic.com