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RAID-0 array lost (ProLiant DL380)

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RAID-0 array lost (ProLiant DL380)


Some days ago we removed a disk from a 3 disks RAID 0 array (thinking it was RAID 1) and turned on the server. It run ok but when we put back the 3rd disk again it won't booted. After trying many things and using SmartStart i noticed that i had the 2 disks outside a logic unit and the originally removed one was single in a RAID 0 logic unit.
I tried already many things, but don't want to do anything that may get rid of the data.
Is there any way i can reconstruct the original array back to how it was or at least getting the data back ?? If possible including Windows registry since we need the whole installation as it were.

Thanks in advance.

Re: RAID-0 array lost (ProLiant DL380)

If you are sure that removed drive was part of RAID 0 then you can't recover data anymore as per document.

But I would suggest you to log a case with HP and check if they have any solution from L3/L4 level or not.

I work for HPE
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