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RAID 1+0 Configuration

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RAID 1+0 Configuration


I am using Compaq Array Configuration Utility with RAID 1+0. I have booted the system from Slot1.

I would like to know, if I insert a new disk into Slot0, would the data be backed up automatically from slot1 to slot0.

I want the source of data to be slot1 and destination as slot0. I dont want the reverse to happen. Can you pls confirm if I can obtain the desired results.
Greg Carlson
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Re: RAID 1+0 Configuration


The data won't be "backed up" to the new hdd in Slot 0. The controller will have marked ID 0 as failed, then when you put the replacement hard drive in the slot, it will rebuild the online hdd to the failed hdd. In a raid 1+0, it will copy the data over, in a RAID 5, it would rebuild the drive by recalculating parity. The controller wouldn't do the reverse scenario that you mentioned because it is in a failed state.

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Re: RAID 1+0 Configuration

Hi Vijay,

Be assured that data will be transfered or copied to the replacement (HP terminology used in the Array Rebuilding/Restoring Techniques document - TARGET DRIVE) drive as slot 0 has already been marked by the controller as failed. So no matter whatever drive you insert in slot 0 will get overwritten by data from the drive in slot 1.

Let me know if you require further information.

Hope this is of help and don't forget to assign points:)