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RAID 1+0 ?

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James D.

RAID 1+0 ?

I am testing a RAID 1+0 configuration in a test environment. I have a DL380G5 and setup a RAID1+0 using 6 146GB drives. How can I tell which drives are mirrored? The ACU only shows me the Array w/ logical drive (RAID 1+0) or the physical drives.
Derek Whigham_1
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Re: RAID 1+0 ?

Why do you care which drives are striped and which are mirrored. The Array controller manages these and will rebuild the raidset if a failed drive is replaced.

You should be presented with a LUN based on the setup on top of this raidset.
Divide and Conquer
John Kufrovich
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Re: RAID 1+0 ?

James, just use the b:t:l of the drive. Start from the lowest b:t:l to highest.

Then split it in two groups of three. The first drive from each group are mirrored. so forth and so forth.

0:1:0 and 1:2:0 will be mirrored.

Or you could use a IOmeter and do one single write to a drive using a small block size, and watch the Drive LEDs.
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Re: RAID 1+0 ?

Yes I also want to know. I think it should be a feature. I also have 6 drives on a Smart Array 500, which I didn't configure.

From this, does it mean my drive 1:1 is mirrored to 1:4 ?

Physical Drive 1:1
Physical Drive 1:2
Physical Drive 1:3
Physical Drive 1:4
Physical Drive 1:5
Physical Drive 1:6

I think it's important as if I have two drives fail I can lose the array.
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Re: RAID 1+0 ?

This guide might be helpfull

It descibe how to split arrays, using ACU, when supported.
Or the manual method.