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Re: RAID 1 Expansion

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RAID 1 Expansion

Could someone help me to find a solution ?

Caracterisitics of the server :
Compaq Proliant ML-330 G1
Compaq RAID LC2 Controller (spare 192127-001)
Windows 2000 server

This server is configured like this :
-1 RAID 1 with 2 drives of 18 Gb each one (2 disks non hot swap)

We need to increase the capacity, and thus we've bought 2 disks of 36 Gb to replace 2 disks of 18 Gb!!!

Is it possible to replace a disk (18Gb)(in Raid 1) with a higher capacity disk (36Gb), let them to rebuild mirror and replace another disk with the second 36 Gb disk... ?
And what with the remaining free space ?

Any idea is welcome !!!
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Re: RAID 1 Expansion

Yes you can do exactly what you say by replacing one disk and letting the mirror rebuild and then the other disk. Once the mirror has rebuilt you will see unassigned space in Windows disk administrator. The easiest way to utilise this is to format as another primary partition and assign a drive letter. If you need all of the space as C:\ then it is possible mut more complicated.

Be sure to backup your system before you start as this is not an HP recommended routine.
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Re: RAID 1 Expansion

What we suggest is that customers at this point break the OS RAID. Add the 2 36GB drives as a new array and move all your important data to the new partition and off of the OS partition. keep the partner of the original OS drive as a backup of the system. As things change, you can replace the backup into the system and let it rebuild as a current backup.
This takes a load off of the RAID controller, mirroring and striping OS activity.
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Re: RAID 1 Expansion

Hi Enrique,
Please go through the following threads,



Hope this will help you


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