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RAID 10 across two controllers

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RAID 10 across two controllers


I'm trying to setup RAID 10 across two controllers on a DL380 G6. The split is 4 drives on each controller (total 8 drives).

Is this possible and if so, how do I do it? The utility during boot only shows the first controller too, and using the Smart Start CD doesn't give the option to create arrays across controllers.

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Re: RAID 10 across two controllers

> across two controllers
If you are talking about two SA controllers, you can not. The SA controllers are separate subsystems and the array configurations exist within the controller so it is physically impossible for one controller to know/use disk from another controller.

Now on the OS side you can use external software (Veritas Volume Manager for example) to setup mirroring across logical volumes that are created on each of the controllers.
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Re: RAID 10 across two controllers

Thanks for the help. We have 10 drives in all, with a second drive cage, so I'm now wondering which has the better write performance (using two for the OS):

1) Putting all 8 drives in the second cage as RAID 10
2) Splitting 4/4 across both cages with h/w RAID 10 and using the OS s/w RAID 0 to both arrays.

Have these tests already been done by HP somewhere?