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RAID 4Si/MirrorDisk/UX

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RAID 4Si/MirrorDisk/UX

Dear All,

1) It is possible to boot on DS2100 with 2 physical disks from RAID 4Si (without any internal disks) including Full SISP.
If one logical/physical volume (on DS2100) crashes/has a failure, the remaining logical volume would not be accessed on the same SCSI bus. However DS2100 is not supported in dual connection with RAID 4Si. So we need at least 2 DS2100 Enclosure.

2)The only way to do RAID 1 on internal disks is MirrorDisk/UX ??

3) It is not possible to configure mirroring from internal disk to external disk on DS2100 through RAID 4Si ?

Please advise
Thanks by forward




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