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RAID 4Si--PCI4 Port Ultra2 SCSI RAID Controller

Neil J. Glennon
Occasional Contributor

RAID 4Si--PCI4 Port Ultra2 SCSI RAID Controller

Has anyone used the new PCI Raid Controller?


I would like some user feedback on this product before purchasing.

The environement I am looking to use one in is:
L1000 Server
HP-UX 11.0
Ingres II (30GB Database)
Smart Storage Enclosure with 4 x 18GB Disks

I realise this is quite a small Disk Array compared to the others discussed in this forum, but any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Ron Lawson
Occasional Visitor

Re: RAID 4Si--PCI4 Port Ultra2 SCSI RAID Controller


My team developed the RAID 4Si product at HP. I noticed in your earlier post that you were asking for a fault-tolerant solution. One thing to keep in mind if you decide to go with the RAID 4Si is that multi-initiator configurations are not possible with this low-cost RAID solution. However, it does work well on an L-Class running HP-UX 11.0 if you don't need the extra protection that MI gives you.

For the disks, we recommend the SureStore E SC10 enclosure, which will allow hot-swapping of disks.
Martha Mueller
Super Advisor

Re: RAID 4Si--PCI4 Port Ultra2 SCSI RAID Controller


The document that was attached to the original post has an interesting metric...in the box headed Customer Benefits, the second bullet has a "bust rate".

But, this does look like an interesting product.