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RAID 8000 using both Ports 1 system

shane gregory
Occasional Visitor

RAID 8000 using both Ports 1 system

I have a RAID 8000 SCSI which is connected to a DS20 through Port 1.

Set up as follows:-

RAID 8000-
One HSZ80 Controller
Unit D0
Unit D100

Port 1 set for ID 0,1,2,3
Port 2 set for ID 4,5,6,7,8

Can I created another unit and call it D400, then connecetd the Port 2 of the RAID controller to the DS20 (the same machine that Port 1 of the RAID controller is connected to through a different cable to the SCSI Card 1) so both ports of the RAID is connecetd to two RAID SCSI cards in the DS20?

So end result is 1 RAID, 1 DS20 (with two RAID SCSI Cards)and 2 cables.

The RAID is connected from RAID 8000 Port 1 to the first RAID SCSI card in the DS20 and RAID 8000 Port 2 is connected to the second DS20 RAID SCSI card.

Is this possible?

I tried it and the DS20 only sees units D0 and D100.