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RAID Configuration

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Michael Paschke_1
Occasional Contributor

RAID Configuration

I have a HP Netserver LH3 running Netware 5.1. I also have three arrays RAID 0,1, &5. I recently took over these servers and I need to find out which hard disks are assigned to which array, preferrably without rebooting the server. I am pretty sure HP NetRAID has been setup. Can anyone help?
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: RAID Configuration

Hello Michael,

if you need to figure out this online in Netware you need to have the Netraid s/w loaded.

Pls download it or install from the Navigator cd's and it should be self explaining.
The Netware version of the Netraid s/w is very simmilar to the look and feel of the Netraid Express Tools (off line BIOS utility).

You can get it form here i.e. :


Installing the Netraid monitor program also alerts you if a disk or logical drive fails. This can also be downloaded from the same url.


Michael Paschke_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: RAID Configuration

Thanks for the info. it was very helpful.

Mike Paschke