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RAID configuration using 4Si card and SC10 Array

Harinath N
Frequent Advisor

RAID configuration using 4Si card and SC10 Array


In our N4000 server running HP-UX 11.0, we wanted to configure RAID (level 5). For this, we have the following on the Hardware side,

1. HP A5856A RAID 4Si PCI 4-Channel Ultra2 SCSI
Controller Card
2. SC10 Array(LVD Interface) with 2 Bus Controller Cards
3. 8*36 GB disks
4. VHDCI Ultra SCSI Cable and Terminators

In the Software side, we have

1. 4Si driver(iop_drv)
2. IRM software
3. 3 patches(as per 4Si Release Notes)
PHKL_22030, PHKL_22494, PHKL_22941

Is all the required software and hardware are there for going ahead with the RAID implementaion?

Also, whether its possible to have an alternate path access to the disks(or
to the VG's) in the SC10 array.
If so, how to configure the alternate path access in this particular SC10 case?.

Please guide me in the above case.

Thanks and Regards,