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RAID4Si controller and DS2300

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RAID4Si controller and DS2300

Two questions.
1. Along with green system LED the second green (not amber) LED lit also. Manual says about 2-nd LED as amber fault LED. But my 2-nd LED lit green. And no any other amber or yellow LEDs lit. What does it mean?
2. irdiag -v shows some disks in RAID5 lun as ONLINE but some as FAILED. Being connected to other scsi port of 4Si card all disks are in READY state. Then what does FAILED state mean and how to get rid of it? I don't think several disks has failed at the same time.

Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: RAID4Si controller and DS2300

I'm not really familiar with RAID4Si, but believe it has 4 channels and at each channel has SCSI controller at Id=7.
So the question is: how did you connect DS2300 to this controller? If you're connecting both BCCs to different 4Si channels then DS2300 should be in split-bus mode. Why? Because when it's in full bus mode then it forms one logical SCSI bus and thus connecting it to two SCSI controllers with Id=7 will create SCSI Id conflict