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RAID5 & RAID0 Configuration w/Drive Failure

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

RAID5 & RAID0 Configuration w/Drive Failure

I inherited a server - Proliant 5000 with Smart-2DH Controller that is configured as follows:

4 - 9.1 GB Drives

4 Logical Partitions

Partition 1 - boot partition (C: Drive) 2 GB Raid5 across all 4 Drives
Partition 2 - (E: Drive) 5 GB Partition Raid0 across all 4 Drives
Partition 3 - (D: Drive) 18 GB Partition Raid5 across all 4 Drives
Partition 4 - (Y: Drive) 2.5 GB Partation Raid0 across all 4 Drives.

We are beginning to experience an intermittant Error 9 - \Device\ScsiPort0 device timeout error. The system hangs and upon reboot, we have a POST Error 1786. After rebuilding the drive all work well. I have purchased a replacement drive an intended to swap out the problem drive. I shut down the server, pulled the problematic drive, and replaced it with the new one. Upon reboot, I received a 1786 and 1779 Error. The 1779 referred to the need to restore data. Because I was concerned about losing data, I shut the system down placed the original drive in its location and rebooted. It came up with a 1786 error, I selected to repair and we were back to the original status.

When I discovered we do NOT have RAID 5 across all drives, I moved all data from the two Raid0 drives. I would like to down the server to replace the drive.

I have two questions:

When I swap the drive (shut down, replace), I will receive the 1779 and 1786 messages upon boot up. Will the controller be capable of regenerating the two RAID 5 drives (even if the Raid 0 fail?) I was planning on simply converting both Raid 0's to the Raid 5 prior to swapping the drive, but that leads me to my next question. Do you see any problems swapping a drive that has both Raid 5 and Raid 0 partitions if the Raid 0 partitions are empty.

Question 2:

I was going to change the two logical Raid 0 drives to Raid 5. When opening ACU, I can change the 2.5 GB partition to Raid 5 (the option is available, have not tried it yet.) Unfortunately, I cannot perform the same function on the 5 GB Raid0 Drive. If I select the "Modify" option on this Raid0 drive, the only options are "Enable or Disable Array Accelerator" - similar to pressing the modify button on a Raid5 logical drive. Any ideas?

I was thinking about dropping the partitions in NT (as there is no data on these drives). Next dropping the partition on the array then recreating the logical partitions as Raid5.

I appreciate any input.


Matthew Krug