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RAID5 cannot start autorecovery

Omer Asik
Occasional Advisor

RAID5 cannot start autorecovery

Hi All ,

Our Configuration ;
I have HP Proliant DL380, which have Quad Channel Smart Array 6400 Controller. MSA30 Dual Bus Enclosure is conected to that server. There is a RAID5 set on MSA30, it contains 146 GB Hard Disks.

Problem ;
One of the 146 GB Hard disks was failed in RAID5 set. We changed the failed disk with a new one ( same capacity,same speed and smae slot )but controller cannot start auto-recovery. When I go to ACU I see the new disk as off-line and ready to be added to any RAID set. Controller has still 1787 Error Code, means "Drive Array Interim Recovery Mode The following drive should be replaced etc...".
As far as I know, the RAID Controller must detect the replaced disk and immediately start the recovery process.
How can we solve the problem ?
Honored Contributor

Re: RAID5 cannot start autorecovery

Could it be that Autorecover is set to Disabled? Select the New drive and Rebuild manually
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