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RAID6 - two failed disks with a P411

Jimmy Crucerey
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RAID6 - two failed disks with a P411

Hello there,
On one of our MSA70 plugged into a P411 with a RAID6, we had two failed disks.
I swapped the two disks at the same time but on HP ProLiant Integrated Management Log Viewer it shows one of the disk has been repaired 1 min after the swap.
HP array configuration Utility shows that only
one of the drive failed.
What should we expect if two drives fail and we swap both of them at the same time ? Should we expect one of them to rebuild first then do the next one ? Is it normal one of the failed drive has been mark as repaired 2 min after the swap ?

Kind Regards,

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Re: RAID6 - two failed disks with a P411

I would try to upgrade the controller fw first and then the disks.

Are these SATA disks? if that is the case then please check the following advisory:

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Jimmy Crucerey
Occasional Visitor

Re: RAID6 - two failed disks with a P411


Thank you for your answer.
Yes they are SATA 1 TB drive.
We bought this MSA 1 month ago so the firmware is up to date.

I think what I would like to know is if you have two failed drives : is it better to swap one then wait it rebuilds then swap the other one or swap both drives at the same time ?
In the second scenario how the controler will deal with the rebuild ? Will it rebuild both drive at the same time or seperatly ?