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RE : VA7100

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RE : VA7100

Hi Guys,
I have a VA7100 is configure to raid 1+0 with 8 x 36GB. Somehow or rather my vg01 is full I need to extent it. Can I add different capacity of disk on the VA7100 or i have to use back the same capacity of disk. shoudl I extent the existing vg or create a new one. assuming if I add in 4 x 36GB is this 4 x36GB going to be added to the 8 x 36gb and give me a new size to create my new luns or I can control the 4 x 36gb disk. Pls advice???

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Steven E. Protter
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Re: RE : VA7100

Shalom Vincent,

How you expand depends on your needs. If you are creating a new lun, you can go for raid 0 (no failure protection), raid 5, or raid 1 + 0 as the rest of the disk is configured.

You also could probably expand a current lun to include the new disk.

The answer to your question depends on how you plan to use the disk.

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Pete Randall
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Re: RE : VA7100

You can add any size disk you want to the array. The main question is "how was your vg set up?" There are several limiting factors that can only be set at vg creation time: the maximum number of physical volumes in the vg (max-pv), the maximum physical extent size (pe-size), and the maximum number of physical extents(max-pe).

If you have already reached max-pv then you will not be able to add any additional LUNs to your vg. If the combination of max-pe times pe-size has already been reached in your vg, then you will not be able to extend it. In either of these instances, you will have to recreate the volume group and restore your data.


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Re: RE : VA7100

You can add disks in any supported size. The array will manage them by itself.
Expanding a LUN is not possible, so you have to create a new one.
You can add this new LUN to your existing VG.

Hope this helps!

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Re: RE : VA7100

Hello Vincent
VA7100 Support 18GB, 36GB, 73GB
you can increase by replacing less capacity drives.

remove 18GB
Add 73GB
wait for levelling process to complete
do it during less traffic times to speed up levelling process