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ROM upgrade - NT lockup

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

ROM upgrade - NT lockup

Hello, maybe someone has an answer or can point me to the right documention -

I upgraded the ROM on a 3200 controller that was in slot 5 on a Proliant 3000 server, the flash appeared to be successful, but when I booted to NT 4.0 I got to the splash screen, but never got the 'press ctrl-alt-del' to login box. The middle green light on all hdd's went solid green and after a few moments I got a blue screen saying 'hardware failure, contact your vendor for technical support'. After trying many different things the final resolution was to move the controller from slot 5 to slot 1 and rerun config (thanks compaq). I was able to get to the desktop, but the NIC drivers were blown out.

The server has two nic's which were in slots that were on the same pci bus as the array controller. The tech informed me that this is not good and the array controller should go into a slot that is on a different pci bus than the NIC's.

So my question is why. The three devices have been co-existing in the same slots for over a year, what in the Rompaq could of caused this issue?

The tech wasn't able to give me the exact reason. Nothing against the tech he pulled my butt out of the fire, I just know I'm gonna get asked.

So if someone knows or can point me the appropriate documentaton I'd appreciate it.

Scott Bunting