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RSM 5.2 (EVA4400) Problem (Postgres)...

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RSM 5.2 (EVA4400) Problem (Postgres)...



My scheme:


Windows 2003 Standard English 64 Bits

HP System Insight Manager 5.0

Command View 9

RSM 5.0


We upgrade to Command View 9.3 (last version). In the installation process automatically the previous version of Command View was deinstalled, and then installed the last one. Since that, we lost the RSM 5.0, may be it was deinstalled automatically too (is it possible?)....

Now the problem is that we have installed the RSM 5.2, but the "HP RSM Database" service doesn´t start, it is displayed the following error:

"postgres cannot access the server configuration file "C:PROGRAM FILES/HEWL../RSM/Database/postgr/data/postgresql.conf: No such file or directory". That file doesn´t exists, even the data folder doesn´t exists. We have tried to deinstalled completely again, removing registry keys, folders and services, but its the same.

We can see that there is a C:\POSTGRES installation, and we thought that a previous WEBEX installation is doing that bad effect.


Any suggest?


thanks in advanced


Re: RSM 5.2 (EVA4400) Problem (Postgres)...

Hello! I have the same problem, any idea??? Thank's
Juan de Los Palotes
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Re: RSM 5.2 (EVA4400) Problem (Postgres)...

Hi Guys


Do you have any update about this post?


I have similar problems with Postgres process on RSM 5.2


Thanks in advance



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Re: RSM 5.2 (EVA4400) Problem (Postgres)...

i want postgres database folder from HP service support, this folder should have five sub folders : bin, data, doc, lib, pgAdminIII share and folde also contain two files.please send me below Email address.