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RSM Scripting - RemoveDiskDevice vs. UnpresentStorageVolume

Honored Contributor

RSM Scripting - RemoveDiskDevice vs. UnpresentStorageVolume

Hi guys,

I'm just reviewing some old RSM scripts. I notice a lot of them run the following commands in order


  • UnpresentStorageVolume

  • RemoveDiskDevice

From reading the CLI guide, the first command just unpresents the storage from the server. The second command notifies the server before unpresenting the storage (presumably to let the server flush it's write caches etc ??? ).


I'm just wondering why these two commands would ever appear in this order. Surely you would only run the if the UnpresentStorageVolume command where the RemoveDiskDevice failed? Also, am I correct in assuming that the RemoveDiskDevice command does something a little more elegant?


Any thoughts most appreciated.

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