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Rack Storage 12 with Ms. Clustering

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Rack Storage 12 with Ms. Clustering


OS -W2K Adv Server

We have on RS/12 with two scsi adapters and it connected to two servers.Each server have one HP Netraid 1M card.
We wanted to create a shared disk in RS/12 for clustering, I have set the dip swtch for custering configuration.

The problem I'm facing right now is, whenever I try to bring up the second server, the server hang at the BIOS..it stated there

Initilaizing SCSI driver [Chip 0:Done].

What I can do to overcome this problem ??

Thanks in Advance

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Marino Meloni_1
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Re: Rack Storage 12 with Ms. Clustering

check the scsi HBA address,
one controller have to be set to id7 (default)
the second HBA have to be set to id6

settings are made in CtrlM in the bios of the Netraid Controller under scsi contrller