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Raid 0 to Raid on a DL320

William Della Noce
Occasional Advisor

Raid 0 to Raid on a DL320


We have a DL320 with one IDE 72GB HDD configured as RAID0. I want to get some peace of mind and add a second HDD and set the array as RAID1. This server is runing Red Hat Linux and do not have installed any of the Raid Configuration tools available for Windows.

I have two question about this.

1.- The size and RPM of the new HDD should be exactly the same of the installed HDD or I can add a HDD bigger even I waste some space on it?

2.- Where can I find information about the procedure to set up the RAID1 without reseting the content of the HDD 0.

Thanks in advance
Bostjan Kosi
Trusted Contributor

Re: Raid 0 to Raid on a DL320

Hi, the size and RPM does not metter (the same RPM is appreciated) as long as the size is bigger or equal.

The utility which is used for configuring IDE raid is called MegaRAID utility, but I did not find any dosc on the subyect on the HP web site. Check again..

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