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Raid 1+0 using Smart Array P800

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Bill Costigan
Honored Contributor

Raid 1+0 using Smart Array P800

When using saconfig to configure Raid 1+0, the instructuons say to list all the disks to include.

I'm using two MSA 70s for the physical disks and would linke to ensure that each mirror is on a different MSA. Does the P800 automatically distribute the mirrors to different a different connectors/enclosures or can you force it by listing the disks in a particular order.

e.g. 1, 1m, 2, 2m, 3, 3m
or 1, 2, 3, 1m, 2m, 3m

Thank you
Honored Contributor

Re: Raid 1+0 using Smart Array P800

Raid 1+0 required minimum 4 hard drives (optimal) and it allocates half of the drive array to data and the other half to mirrored data, providing two copies of data. The disks are mirrored in pairs. As per the manual, RAID 1+0 is also shown if you have 2 drives.

I don't think the P800 is intelligent enough to provide the functionality you are looking for especially the enclosure cascading is supported. In fact per saconfig man page, it needs the physical drives mentioned explicitly.

Knowing that the RAID 1+0 requires even number of drives, I would assign first let's say 4 drives from one MSA70 and 4 from another one.