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Raid 1 and spare disk

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Raid 1 and spare disk

Hey all.

I have a P400 controller with 3 36GB disks configured as one raid 1 array + spare. Now one disk failed and the spare drive stepped in and I want to replace the failed drive with new disk, but I have a 72GB one, not 36GB.

My questions are:

1. If I replace the 36GB drive with 72GB, will the array rebuild on that 72GB drive?

2. If in configuration 36GB and 72GB as raid 1 and 36GB as spare the 36GB disk in raid 1 fails, will the spare drive work here? Because the remaining drive in raid 1 is 72GB and spare is just 36GB, however only 36GB is used on the 72GB drive.

Thank you for answers.
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Re: Raid 1 and spare disk


Answer for 1:
Even if you replace with 72GB the Array controller will only use 36GB as the other Disk is 36GB(Raid with 36GB) Remaining space will be wasted.

Answer for 2:
As only 36GB will be used in 72GB disk, even later if you replace with 36GB it will not be any issue as still array will be on 36GB size.

Generally it is not recommaded to mix different sizes. Below is the guide the above points bases on the info on the page no 13 on the below doc. hope it helps u


Re: Raid 1 and spare disk


Thanks for clarification.