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Raid 4D+4D on XP12000

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Raid 4D+4D on XP12000


I am trying to create a Raid 1 (4D+4D) on our XP12000 but the onlything I could do is to create 2 Raid Groups of Raid 1 (2D+2D). Disk size are 146Gb.

- Is posible to create a pure 4D+4D?
- Is the performance equal of a pure 4D+4D compared to a 2 Raid groups(2D+2D)?
- I also tried to create a big LUN of 584Gb, but I have the limit to create 2 LUN of 292Gb. what am I doing wrong?
- Aditionaly is posible to create a Raid 1(8D+8D)?

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Bill Rothanburg
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Re: Raid 4D+4D on XP12000

We ran into this with our CE when we were configuring Raid 1 (4D+4D). A Raid 1 4D+4D on the XP 12000 is really a stripped Raid 1 2D+2D.

Here's the kicker. The XP calls them concatinated raid groups, which is not what we are use to thinking.

The CE will need to define this at the time the Raid Groups are installed.

HP should be able to tell you if a Raid 1 8D+8D is a supported configuration.